Due to the high volume of incoming emails, when sending in your initial tattoo inquiries, please be as specific as possible about design, size, and placement. Include any photo references you have, as consultations are held online only, not in person. Tattoos are booked based upon the design itself, not by artist’s availability, if the design is approved, available dates will be discussed during your online consultation. 

Be aware buddy. books out months in advance, by appointment only, no walk-ins, no exceptions. Clients who are traveling to Chicago, from out of state, please keep this part in mind.

buddy. supports safe spaces and has the right to refuse service to anyone. If you are racist, homophobic, transphobic, body negative, or any variety of asshole, you are simply not welcome.

If any client decides to, at any point, be disrespectful to any present artists, assistants, or clients, during an appointment, the deposit is immediately void, tattoo time is over, and you will be shown the door without hesitation. 

You must be 18+, with proof of government issued identification. Note also, even with a parent or legal guardian’s consent, it is illegal in the state of Illinois, to tattoo a minor.

Do not forward group email chains, with multiple clients attached for matching/same day/back to back tattoos, no sessions may be prepaid as a gift for someone else, the only person who is actually getting tattooed should be contacting the artist directly.

buddy. (@chibrows) no longer preforms cosmetic tattooing\microblading.

Do not hire a third party to design or draw your tattoo for you.

Custom illustrative blackwork is the specific style buddy. specializes in, meaning they work in black ink only. Nothing above collar bones, or below ankles, wrists (including fingers, hands, feet, and behind the ear.) Tattoos must be at least palm sized, and lettering must be of adequate scale to ensure proper healing and longevity. No single needle tattoos, arm bands, no names of significant others, no Harry Potter tattoos, no hate fueled or gang related designs and no direct copies of other tattoo artist’s work.

Please refer to their portfolio on instagram @snak3oiL for examples of shading, sizing, line weights and subject matter before requesting an online consultation. 

Numbing creams are not an option, please do not attempt to dull the pain by any means yourself…tattoos hurt, that’s part of the experience.

Absolutely no guests will be permitted through the door, with any client, inside the studio, at any time. Masks are still required inside, unless proof of vaccinations can be provided.

A $50 booking fee  is required for everyone, which may only be submitted through Venmo (@snak3oiL) or CashApp ($snak3oiL) only. booking fees are non refundable, non transferable, and mandatory.

buddy.’s hourly rate is $200 an hour and their minimum is an hour’s worth of time. If your tattoo takes less than an hour, you are required to pay that minimum.

Exact times of the length of an appointment may not be determined for new clients, or larger designs, regardless of your past experiences with other tattooers, please do not assume how long a session will take, hence the hourly rate so clients do not get over charged and to ensure the artist’s time is valued and respected. 

If you did not bring enough cash, never fear, there are several ATMs available right outside the studio.

Tipping is always appreciated and may be done in any form you are comfortable with. 

   If you show up hungover, drunk, inebriated in any way, have sun damaged skin on the area that’s being worked on, require major design changes after consultation form is submitted, in the event of illness or unforeseen circumstances, should your original appointment date need to be rescheduled, the client is not eligible for a refund and a new booking fee is required.

Any additional questions, not covered here, may be submitted to:     buddytattoos@gmail.com or under the contact section.